#BRAHMS AND HIS SYMPHONY NO. 2#conversations with Goran Gora @LNSO


As a joke goes, Brahms is so often performed in paradise that everyone longs to go to hell. Of course, it is not a polite joke, because it reinforces the generally accepted view of Brahms as a boring symphonic saint. People forget or do not know at all about Brahms’s bright blue eyes, his fame as a connoisseur of good wine and beer, the Red Hedgehog, the bantering language, hoarse voice, dislike of Wagner and unrequited love for the Schumann’s widow – the acclaimed pianist Clara Schumann. In his Symphony No. 2, Brahms is passionate and tender. It is a love letter written in music.

21 Apr

19.00 / Thursday / Riga, The Great Guild


Nikolai Alexeyev


  • Johannes Brahmns SYMPHONY NO. 2

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