LeNeSOns the musical puppet invites the youngest listeners with their families. The season’s first concert includes works by Pēteris Barisons, one of Latvia’s more romantically inclined composers. His figurative suite Childhood Mornings paints his native Selonia in the early 20th century – a young boy explores the world, crossing grey meadows to pick willow catkins, he swings in a swing, silently sits in the church on a Sunday morning, and even dares to venture paths that his parents have forbidden. Even more, Barisons has woven the majestic lily, the rapacious sundew, the delicate damewort, the burning nettle, and the fragrant rose into a marvellous Garland of Flowers. During the intermission we will learn about musical instruments, draw, and play games.


28 Sep

14.00 / Saturday / Riga, The Great Guild


Andris Vecumnieks


  • Pēteris BARISONS "Childhood Mornings"
  • Pēteris BARISONS "The Garland of Flowers"

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