LeNeSOns and two Carnivals of the Animals (LV)


Saint-Saëns, the elegant French romanticist, wrote The Carnival of the Animals as a joke and a parody of his friends and colleagues’ compositions, but it ultimately turned into a symphonic hit, starring The Swan and fish in the Aquarium. We also encounter a tortoise, a donkey, a kangaroo – and a pianist. In addition to the Parisian menagerie, we will also walk through the Riga Zoo, transformed into music by young composer Jēkabs Bernāts. We will visit seals and farm animals, a hippopotamus and a duck, some scientists, the home of the giraffes and the darkness of the tropical house. The spiritual Light of the Origin will conclude our perambulation.


02 Feb

14.00 / Saturday / Riga, The Great Guild


Andris Vecumnieks


  • Camille SAINT-SAËNS The Carnival of the Animals
  • Jēkabs BERNĀTS The Carnival of the Animals 2.0

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