LeNeSOns’s Musical TalesConcert for children


Actress Karīna Tatarinova recently proposed that seven Latvian composers each write a musical story based on a popular fairy tale. The composers complied and composed several chamber pieces, recited by actors and played by musicians. Afterwards, an educational, entertaining recording The Little Musical Tales was released. Some of these chamber tales have now dressed up in symphonic attire. You will see raccoons and piglets, whooper swans and other creatures. LeNeSOns, go fetch your conductor’s baton!


Diriģents Jānis STAFECKIS

Performance is in Russian language.

20 May

11.00 / Saturday / Riga, The Great Guild


Diriģents Jānis STAFECKIS


  • Humans and animals from Karīna TATARINOVA'S project "The Little Musical Tales"

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