LNSO, Dubra and Glass


The basis of Glass’s Symphony No. 7 is the composer’s interest in Toltec culture (ca. 10th–11th century Mexico). The first movement is dedicated to the corn seed representing the connection between Mother Earth and humans. The second movement is devoted to the peyote (a hallucinogen needleless cactus), or the Sacred Root – a gateway to the spiritual world. The hero of the third movement is a cultural hero appearing in the shape of a blue deer who knows the secret of the divine conception, the birth of the world and the culture. Rihards Dubra’s oratorio “Marija” was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the legendary Latgale Congress. In the composition, the Mother of God meets the mythological Māra. It will be an evening suffused with powerful mysticism.

05 May

19.00 / Friday / Riga, The Great Guild



Latvian ethno singers’ group

State choir “Latvija”




  • Philip GLASS Symphony No. 7 (A Toltec Symphony)
  • Rihards DUBRA Oratorio "Marija" for Choir, Organ and Orchestra

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