What a pleasure to greet such a renowned guest – one of world’s most virtuosic violinists Frank Peter Zimmerman will dazzle in Beethoven’s Violin Concerto. The highlight of the concert is Richard Strauss’s tone poem Also sprach Zarathustra whose opening is familiar to all – either from Kubrik’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey, or from an Elvis Presley’s concert in the 70s, or maybe from Toy Story or WALL-E. The concert will open with a new work by Gundega Šmite, LNSO’s composer-in-residence of the season. While living in Greece she met Eos, the mythical goddess of dawn, and based her composition on the light of the break of the day and on myths about discovering true light.

20 Sep

19.00 / Friday / Riga, The Great Guild


Frank Peter Zimmerman - violin


Andris Poga


  • Gundega ŠMITE ΙΩ. Eos, the Goddess of Dawn (premiere)
  • Ludwig van BEETHOVEN Violin Concerto
  • Richard STRAUSS Also sprach Zarathustra
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