Loranga, or The Story of a Rather Odd Home


Musical production for parents and children

The LNSO Summer Festival 2019 will see the premiere of a new musical production for parents and children Loranga, or The Story of a Rather Odd Home by composer Edgars Mākens and Ģirts Šolis, chief director at the Latvian Puppet Theatre. The production is based on contemporary Swedish writer Barbro Lindgren’s humorous adventure story Loranga.

Young schoolchildren and pre-schoolers are invited to the production with their parents.

A boy called Masarin lives with his father Loranga in the countryside. Loranga wears a bathrobe and a floral tea cozy on his head, he is a childish and careless bohemian. Masarin’s neurotic hypochondriac grandfather Dartanjang lives in a nearby firewood shed. The three have an adventurous life sometimes interrupted by job seeking attempts and confessions in monk attire. Other characters include a giraffe living in a pile of garbage (it eats Loranga and Masarin’s beds), neighbours, a substantial number of tigers living in a shed, and other creatures. The production is a series of wild scenes completely void of reality – pure fantasy only.

Ģirts Šolis and Edgars Mākens are the co-authors of LNSO Summer Festival 2016 production The Wind in the Willows – an audience favourite that has seen many performances.


Composer Edgars MĀKENS

Director Ģirts ŠOLIS

Actors and LNSO instrumental ensemble

25 Aug

15.00 / Sunday / Latgale Embassy GORS Small Hall Zīdaste

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