Ultimate classics. Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet


Pēteris Vasks has finally fulfilled his promise to present the second version of his first symphonic piece Sastrēgumstunda (Rush Hour, 1978), inspired by poetry of Māris Čaklais. The intense composition is befitting of Vasks’s 70s image as an outsider. A suitable companion to Rush Hour is the latest symphonic piece by Sebastian Fagerlund, a vivid composer of the Finnish middle generation. In addition, you will hear two masterpieces by Sergey Prokofiev – the lyrical and infernal Violin Concerto No. 1 and popular, enjoyable parts of the ballet Romeo and Juliet.


17 Mar

19.00 / Friday / Riga, The Great Guild


ELĪNA BUKŠA - violin


Normunds Sne


  • Sebastian FAGERLUND "Stonework"
  • Sergey PROKOFIEV Violin Concerto No.1
  • Sergey PROKOFIEV Suite from Romeo and Juliet
  • Pēteris VASKS Rush Hour (red.)

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