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Having made their debut last season, the LNSO Piano Trio offers a new programme – a triple journey via classical pieces: first to Vienna with Mozart’s Piano trio, written when composer’s short life had reached absolute maturity; then to Paris with the light, elegant and witty piece by Germaine Tailleferre, the “musical niece” of the famous pear-shaped minimalist Erik Satie; and finally to Saint Petersburg with Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio, dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Rubinstein, an outstanding pianist and charming bon vivant.

Indulis Cintiņš from the 1st violins group of LNSO, Dace Zālīte, a 2012 Grand Music Award nominee for the best debut, from the cello group, and the experienced accompanist Mārtiņš Zilberts who at times collaborates with LNSO as a non-staff pianist, last season played their programme of Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Schubert to great acclaim. Now the trio has come forth with a new offer, which includes a practically unknown Piano Trio by Tailleferre and two classics of the genre – Mozart’s Trio KV 548 and Tchaikovsky’s grand trio To the Memory of a Great Artist.

From June till October 1788, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his last three symphonies and his last three piano trios. The Trio in C Major has a date 14th July, which means its closest relatives are the symphony in G minor and the so-called Jupiter. Themes of the trio are very simple although one cannot say the same about the mix of scales and tonalities in this work, which is crowned by a nicely playful finale when the musicians can once again return to the sandbox of their childhood.

Germaine Tailleferre (1892–1983) is a French composer whom Erik Satie and Jean Cocteau included in the famous Les Six group and whose role in the history of music has unfortunately remained marginal although she wrote wonderfully polished, melodically rich, elegant works and was quite prolific. Tailleferre often wrote music for films and theatre productions, the index of her works includes a lot of instrumental chamber music, ballets, operas buffa etc. Among Tailleferre’s friends and fellow artists we see writers Paul Claudel, Paul Valéry, Eugène Ionesco, pianists Marguerite Long, Arthur Rubinstein, Alfred Cortot, violinist Jacques Thibaud, conductors Pierre Monteux, Leopold Stokowski, Thomas Beecham, Serge Koussevitzky, Willem Mengelberg, let alone the other members of Les Six and also Stravinsky, Diaghilev, Ravel, Chaplin, Picasso, Gershwin, Varèse, and many others. Tailleferre’s contribution has been acknowledged with the order of the Legion of Honour, the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit, Grand Prix musical of the Academy of Arts, etc. The Trio was written during the First World War and completed 60 years later.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio in A minor Op. 50 (1882) is dedicated to the notable pianist, founder and first director of Moscow Conservatoire Nikolai Rubinstein (1835–1881). When Tchaikovsky was a young graduate of Saint Petersburg Conservatoire, he enjoyed the hospitality of Nikolai Rubinstein, lived in his apartment and helped lay the foundation of Moscow Conservatoire. Thereafter, up till his death, Rubinstein always was the first conductor of Tchaikovsky’s symphonic works, and the only conflict the two friends had was about Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concert, which was initially dedicated to Rubinstein who severely criticized it. Still, this incident did not ruin their relationship, and Rubinstein’s death in early spring of 1881 was very painful to Tchaikovsky. Very soon he started to write a work in his memory – a piano trio, despite having previously claimed he would never write in this genre. It became one of the most monumental and beautiful samples of Russian chamber music, a string of polished variations, shining in all its aspects.

The concert as a whole is going to be a treat to those who like delicate, nuanced relationships, enjoy Caucasian brandies and are able to smile like children about life in its most marvellous manifestations.


26 Nov

19.00 / Thursday / Riga, The Great Guild


Indulis Cintiņš -

Dace Zālīte-Zilberte -

Mārtiņš Zilberts - klavieres


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Trio in C major, K. 548
  • Germaine Tailleferre Piano Trio
  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky Piano Trio in A minor, op. 50

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