The Great Guild, the home of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, is one of the oldest and most beautiful concert halls in Riga. A site popular with tourists, it remains unchanged as the key location for classical music fans to meet.

The premises of the Great Guild are suitable for a great variety of cultural events (concerts, performances, films), corporate events, conferences and seminars.

Searching for an event location, the words on every event organiser’s lips are “we want something very special”.

So, what is so special about the Great Guild?

Entering the Great Guild, your journey in time begins. Your imagination, your support staff and guests enter into a captivating scenario of your making.

The Great Guild is a 14th century cultural monument and each interior detail has its own story to tell, be it the carved wood, the stained-glass windows or the chandeliers that observe the passage of time from above.


The Great Guild is not just an event space, it is the home of the foremost symphony orchestra in the country and that is what gives it its special aura. Every employee will give you their undivided attention to ensure that you will find what you need, won’t get lost in the winding stairways, nor fall under the spell of the music wafting from rehearsal, for its music you will probably hear when you come for your first inspection tour.

In addition to the space, we can offer you an event planning service. The staff of the Great Guild will help you with suggestions for your scenario, design of the space and selection of the artistic content. We also offer a photographer who will capture the most memorable moments of your event for posterity.



In the very heart of old town, the Great Guild concert hall has always been at the heart of social and cultural life. Its excellent acoustics have received compliments from 1963 when it was reconstructed in its present form to a design by Modris Ģelzis. It has 669 seats – 340 in the stalls, and 329 in the balcony.

The hall is 320 m2, the stage 224 m2 (width 18 m, depth 12m).


Built in 1330, the Minster hall is the oldest functioning civic building in the Baltic States. The hall features a music balcony built in 1646 from which the city musicians performed, and the coat of arms of each Hanseatic League city, which were painted on the walls in 1646.

This hall is suitable for concerts, seminars and social events. Its area is 242 m2.


The White Hall, built in the 18th century is suitable for concerts, seminars, social events and wedding ceremonies. Its area is 187 m2.


Built in 1521, the Fireside Chamber was formerly known as the Bride’s Chamber. The most spectacular feature of the space is its fireplace, built in 1633. The Fireside Chamber which is 67 m2 can be hired for events together with the Minster Hall and the White Hall, or separately, for small celebrations. At concert intervals, this is the place for VIP drinks, and if you wish, accompanied by a lit fire.