LNSO Foundation representative Ilze Aizsilniece’s speech for the upcoming 2018/2019 season

21.05.2018 news

A turbulent sea has an immense power – the wave washes away the superfluous. A sound is a wave, too, it is only that we are not always aware of it. The sound of music has special power, its waves do wonders in our conscience – a sound can wash away sadness and negative thoughts, it can bring joy, inspire, motivate to start something new.

It has been many years that the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra allows Latvian and foreign audiences to be inspired and happier.

Listening to music is a wonderous experience, and making music is a blissful adventure, although it demands great contribution from the musician. Studying music is an invaluable opportunity for Latvian children and the young, but it is also very hard work for a child, which is why frequent inspiration is necessary to continue what has been started.

The LNSO Foundation is grateful to the orchestra’s musicians for bringing the musical adventures to light and motivating the young musicians to continue their relentless work, so that the wonder of music would not disappear – but make us happier.

Ilze Aizsilniece

The LNSO Foundation

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