9th of October – The Night of Deliberation. Schumann and Shchedrin

07.11.2017 news
Aprekina nakts-kvadr

This concert is a part of the LNSO chamber music concert series – a performance by outstanding musicians with plenty of experience of fine-tuned teamwork. Participants of tonight’s performance: LNSO’s first violin Georg Sarkisjan, LNSO’s violinist Oskars Siliņš, Kremerata Baltica principal violist Santa Vižine, LNSO’s principal cellist Ieva Upatniece, LNSO’s principal clarinetist Mārtiņš Circenis, and the brilliant stage partner of Latvia’s best chamber musicians – pianist Agnese Egliņa.

The programme’s theme is – nocturnal adventures. Robert Schumann’s hefty Fairy Tales will spark your imagination; Fever Fantasy by contemporary German composer Jörg Widmann might just raise your temperature; The Night Watchman and the Laundress is Imants Zemzaris’ story about two people who can never meet; you will also hear Pēteris Plakidis’ mysterious Night ConversationsRodion Shchedrin’s Three Funny Pieces will provide plenty of entertainment, and we also suspect that The Elephant of SlumberMaija Einfelde’s musical creation, will hover in one of the Great Guild Hall’s windows.

The musicians describe it as “insomnia – when the thoughts trail off to unexplored paths; the border between wakefulness and dreams”.

As per tradition in LNSO chamber music concerts, not only will you hear an array of compositions, but also an adventurous tale recounted by our storyteller Orests Silabriedis. Warning: The Night of Deliberation is bound to take some liberties.

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