On the day of the concert ticket for youngsters only 5 EUR!

10.11.2017 news

On the day of the concert one hour before the venue for students and young adults until the age of 25 ticket price 5 EUR.

The offer applies to LNSO organised concerts and it is possible to get the tickets only in the Great Guild’s booking office.


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Two’s company, three’s a crowd


Ben Lunn (1990) is an English composer who studied at the Welsh Royal Music and Theater College at Peter Reinolds […]

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LNSO Foundation representative Ilze Aizsilniece’s speech for the upcoming 2018/2019 season


A turbulent sea has an immense power – the wave washes away the superfluous. A sound is a wave, too, […]

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The LNSO Foundation and students of Latvia’s music schools in the 2017/2018 season


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